Real hero: Firefighter saves lucky cat

Real hero: Firefighter saves lucky cat

Firefighter Cory Kalanick is not only a hero for Lucky Baby, but also for everyone who loves animals: in the event of a house fire, he saves the helpless kitten from a burning house and shows how valuable every life is. The resulting rescue video is more than moving.

The video taken with the firefighter's helmet camera begins with a dramatic scene. Little gray Lucky's fate seems to be sealed when he lies helplessly on the floor in a room full of smoke. His big rescuer takes him outside and takes care of the little cat who got his name "Lucky" ("The Lucky One").

Important for pet owners: the emergency rescue plan

If there is a fire, everything has to go very quickly and there is little time to think. Therefore, pet owners are advised to make an emergency rescue plan that includes both their own safety and that of pets. Because even if there are great people like this fireman, not everyone is as careful as he is. Here you can see the original video of the rescue operation: