Taking out health insurance for dogs: What you should pay attention to

Taking out health insurance for dogs: What you should pay attention to

When you take out health insurance for dogs, there are a few things to keep in mind so that on the one hand you don't pay too much and on the other hand you get the best protection for your mustache. Here you will find the most important tips. Taking out health insurance for dogs can be a little more expensive for certain breeds - Image: Shutterstock / LovelyColorPhoto

Of course a dog also gets sick and needs to be treated. Depending on the severity of the illness or injury, the bills can go right in the money. Operations in particular are often very expensive and pose many financial problems for the owners. Health insurance for dogs covers such costs, provided the benefits are correct.

Where an insurance for animals is already common in countries like the USA or England, many in Germany do not even know about the possibility of such.

Take out health insurance for dogs

If you take out health insurance for dogs, make sure that you adjust the benefits of an insurance individually to your options and your four-legged friends. You can theoretically get a cheap animal policy from as little as 15 euros per month, whereby the costs depend on several factors such as dog breed, age of the dog and existing diseases.

For a Bernese Mountain Dog, for example, you will surely pay more because this breed is particularly susceptible to joint diseases. Otherwise the following applies: The cheaper the monthly fee, the lower the scope of benefits.

Small, smaller, smallest: the tiniest puppies

Pay attention to the minimum criteria

If you take out health insurance for dogs, you should make sure that the minimum criteria are met. The Federal Association of Practicing Veterinarians (bpt) has set these criteria - they refer to various points that are particularly important for veterinarians with an animal health insurance.

Insurance must not restrict the free choice of doctor and must allow freedom of therapy. Furthermore, the service catalog including the exclusions should be transparent. Tip: Make sure that preventive measures such as vaccinations and dental prophylaxis are taken over.