Get puppies used to a dog collar: tips

Get puppies used to a dog collar: tips

Getting a puppy into a dog collar is an important part of dog training. Some kittens already know the collar from their breeder. If this is not the case, it is the task of the new owner to get the puppy ready for the first walk with a leash with a few tips and tricks. Usually very simple: get puppies used to a dog collar - picture: Shutterstock / dragon_fang

If you want to get your puppy used to a dog collar, you should first carefully consider whether a dog harness might be more suitable for your protégé. A collar is only suitable for very calm puppies who have little tendency to jump and pull on a leash. During these activities, a young dog could quickly hurt himself and find walking on a leash uncomfortable. In this case, dog harness is the gentler alternative.

First putting on the dog collar: practicing in the apartment

If you want to get a puppy used to a dog collar, you should be patient with your dog and work with positive reinforcement. The puppy should combine putting on the collar with something good and feel comfortable in his skin despite the unusual load. First practice in the apartment, because there the puppy is not as distracted by its environment as outside and can best concentrate on you.

Just be patient: get puppies used to a dog collar

It is best to choose a light, easy to put on dog collar that does not bother or irritate the dog with large buckles. Be sure, but careful, when you first put on the dog collar. Don't force your puppy to do anything. While putting the collar on your dog, praise and speak to him. A few treats can also help if you want to get the puppy used to a dog collar.

Your loyal companion should only combine the accessory with positive memories and pleasant feelings. Take it from him the first time after a short time. This way your young dog learns that the collar is not a bad thing. It is even worthwhile for him to have the collar put on because he gets something nice for it.

If your little four-legged friend scratches his neck as soon as he wears the collar, leave it alone and do not try to stop it. As soon as your puppy stops and behaves calmly, praise him. He then learns that accepting the collar is more rewarding than trying to get rid of it.

Get suitable dog harnesses from specialist retailers

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Dog training: preparation for the walk

Feel free to try to make the leash tasty for the young animal in the apartment in the form of fun and games. Just like the collar, it should be light and not pose any risk of injury. Let the dog pull the leash behind you for a while. You should also be patient on the first trip outside. There is a lot to see for the little dog. Praise him and reward him with treats when he is good and the slack is slack. So the collar quickly becomes a matter of course for your puppy and you are already quite a step ahead with dog training.

Caution! Your puppy is still growing and the collar can quickly become too small. Check regularly whether it is still sitting properly or is about to cut into the skin. Get a larger collar in good time so that you can replace it immediately if necessary.

In the following video you will get a few more tips on how to find the right dog collar and in which cases harness is the better choice: