Loss of cat gift

Loss of cat gift

Loss of cat gift

My cat, Ravi was just 9 months old and he suddenly lost the gift of walking, he just stopped moving on his own.

He had always been a very active and energetic cat and he did everything by himself.

He would walk across the whole house and climb everywhere in and out of the bedroom. He was always climbing up the curtns in the morning and would always be watching me at the end of the day as well, he was a great cat.

I had to buy a cat door for him to be able to go and come back in, he was able to open the door himself.

I had no idea why it had happened, he was fine the morning before, he had eaten and went outside with me.

He was doing it in his usual fashion, he would put his paw up and down the floor and then would move his paw and start walking and would be on his way, and would then stop agn and look at me.

I have no idea what I can do to help him.

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I have been through what you have, and I have found that even though there is no way of really knowing if it has happened to other cats before, that it is most likely that the answer lies in the food.

Your cat is eating right? And is it fresh food? Are they eating too much or too little? Is it a brand that they are getting the food from? (You may need to switch brands. Or try different brands. I have found that in the US the more expensive ones, usually are the ones that you may have to try.

Another thing that happened to me, that may also happen with your cat, is that I have been known to have a bad leg. I had some issues with that which made it difficult to walk. I started to have a lot of trouble and was having to stay in a day at home to recover and was very sick.

One night I decided to walk up the driveway on a very hot night and that is when my back leg buckled and gave out.

I was able to limp home and lay down for several days. I had no clue what was going on, I just knew that I was very sick, very weak, and in constant pn. It was terrible.

I went through the same thing as Ravi and it was the food. I have done research on it and I am now convinced that it was because my food was no longer fresh.

My food was expired, my dog food was expired, and my cat food was expired. When I was sick I was not able to walk so I had to stay in the house, and when I was able to walk, the food was bad. It is so weird.

I can only assume that my cat ate bad food, but I do not know for sure.

I also want to point out that it has been suggested by some of the vets that if you are feeding the cat only dry food, that you could be giving it an infection.

I have never been able to figure that out. I think that some of the vets just want to see them pay their bill.

As I sd, there are some vets out there that say that your cat may have the same problems that I had. It is something to look into.

You need to make sure that the cat is eating good quality food, and then that they are eating the correct amount.

I hope that some of this has helped you, but I will not be able to answer your questions. I am sure that the people at Catster will help you out. They are the best.

Good luck with Ravi.

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Loss of cat's giftby: Anonymous

My cat, Lola, also got sick suddenly, after eating. She couldn't even get up, and I took her to the vet. He told me she had to have surgery on her heart, but her other organs were fine.

She was having a hard time breathing, and even after surgery she couldn't go for more than two minutes without taking a breath. He sd her lungs were full of fluid. She was doing fine after the surgery, she had a breathing tube in her mouth, and after four days at home she was back to her old self.

But then she started having seizures in the middle of the night, and it wasn't until one night that we took her to the vet that they discovered that her heart was damaged. She needed another surgery, but she didn't even have a limp. She just went right back to her old self.

But then a month later, she started having seizures agn, so we took her to the vet agn, this time it was an emergency, and she needed a brn surgery. She didn't make it, and the vet sd he didn't know why.

But what he sd did worry me. He sd that even though the other two surgeries were good, he could feel that her heart was getting worse, so he sd he thought that maybe she would not make it agn.

And he also sd that Lola would not have a problem after the first surgery, because it was a very serious one. But then after the second surgery, her heart would have trouble breathing.

He sd that a couple years ago, he had a cat who came in with the same problem. It was the food that she ate, and she got sick, so he sd that maybe your cat had the same thing.

It is something to think about, and if you have any questions, you should talk to your vet. I don't know anything else to say, because my experience has only been the loss of my cat.

My heart goes out to you and I hope everything will be okay for you and for your cat.

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Loss of cat's giftby: Anonymous

I'm not sure what to suggest to you. I would go to your vet, and let him look at Ravi and see if there is anything else he can