Recognize good animal boarding for your cat: tips

Recognize good animal boarding for your cat: tips

Unfortunately it is seldom possible to take cats on vacation. If you cannot find someone to take care of your four-legged friend during your absence, then animal boarding is sometimes a good alternative. Read here what you should pay attention to when choosing a suitable animal pension. Image: Shutterstock / Susan Schmitz

If you have to hand in your cat for a few days, the cat pension is a good option. It is very important that you get a full picture of the pension before booking. This is the only way you can be sure that your kitty is fine for the time there.

The search for an animal boarding house: How to proceed

The selection of animal boarding houses is so large today that it shouldn't be a problem to find a suitable guest house for your cat, provided you start your search well in advance. It takes some time to get a comprehensive impression of an animal boarding house. A too short-term search is therefore not advisable.

In addition, good animal accommodation is often fully booked well in advance and long-term registration of your own cat is therefore necessary. If you have researched some animal pensions in your area, the next step should always be a visit to the accommodation.

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06/30/2014 - 08:26 a.m.

How to get your cat used to the cat boarding house

So that your velvet paw feels comfortable on vacation, the choice of cat boarding is primarily ...

Recognize a good animal pension: tips for the visit

• It is best to visit the animal pensions available without prior notice. So you get the most realistic impression of the cleanliness of the accommodation. Does everything look like it can be seen on the Internet or in the brochure?
• Let yourself be guided around and take a close look at everything. Strangers cats should be accommodated in a room for two at most - provided tolerance.
• It is also a good sign that animal keepers ask for vaccination certificates, worming protocols and liability insurance before taking in an animal. The qualification of zookeepers is difficult to check during a visit. Be sure to ask anyway.
• In any case, it is also important that enough carers are employed in the pension to be able to deal with the cats individually. There should be no more than ten to a maximum of 15 cats on a carer.
• It also makes a positive impression when accommodations ask about your cat's special needs or wishes. If you can then give your velvet paw something familiar, it will surely survive the time in the animal boarding house.
• Is there veterinary care on site or is the facility regularly visited by a veterinarian?