Prescription cough medicine for dogs

Prescription cough medicine for dogs

Prescription cough medicine for dogs

Tobias's dog, an 11-month-old lab, is being given meds for his allergies and a prescription from the veterinarian that is for two types of medicine: a fast-acting allergy injection to help clear his nose, and a pill to treat a secondary cough.

Why is Tobias getting these meds? His mom says he was coughing badly before he left the vet, and her vet said that he is still coughing. But after he got his meds, he was actually going in the opposite direction.

I want to know if there is a risk of putting more medicine in him, but also if it's better for him to have meds at all.

The vet says that after the allergy injections, he gets a cough medicine as well. I was thinking about leaving that out, since he seemed to be fine after the first.

I am curious as to the opinions of other pet parents, with experience administering meds to their pets.

I'm currently waiting on my first pet of my own so I don't have experience with anything like this.

You want to make sure that you keep the dose correct for your dog, and don't increase the dose for the next visit. That's part of the purpose for the meds.

As long as he is getting enough fluids, you should be fine. A small problem is that your dog's allergies are increasing his coughing. The first couple of times, you want to clear it up with the meds, but he needs to be off the cough medicine before the injection.

I would give him a mild dose of cough medicine (I would only do it for 24 hours or less, then a higher dose in 24 hours) and make sure he is hydrated at all times (sip water is better than forcing him to chug water). I also wouldn't be concerned about the allergy meds.

A slight side effect of the allergy shots is that the shots cause some vomiting and diarrhea. I wouldn't be concerned about that either.

I really hope your dog feels better and that he loves your new pet to the point that he lets you cuddle him at every opportunity.

I don't think the vet or myself will mind him getting a small amount of cough medicine in addition to the allergy meds, if that's what you decide to do. If it is only a small amount, then no problems.

You can definitely give him an allergy med at a later time and you can probably just give him the cough med at the same time.

I'm not a veterinarian so you're probably safe doing it your way.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

Dogs are known to vomit and/or have diarrhea if they get a shot/injection of anything (antibiotic, etc.) especially after being fed, exercised and/or have a bowel movement. Some dogs get diarrhea for a few days after receiving allergy shots. The vaccine will only give your dog an allergy shot for the first time. You'll need to start giving allergy shots again if it happens again.

Dogs are known to vomit and/or have diarrhea after getting an antibiotic for any reason, including an allergy med shot.

When I give my dogs allergy shots, I give the allergy meds and then my vet administers the allergy meds/shots (by mouth). Then I give the dogs an antibiotic. We give them the allergy meds, the antibiotic and then the cough meds. (If there's nothing you can give them with the allergy meds, I'd give the allergy meds and then give them the antibiotic.) Then I give them the cough meds.

I've only used one drug for both allergy meds and antibiotics. The same thing that the vet administers, I just add some to the mixture. I've found most vets don't want to add a med to the allergy meds so they get it from your vet.

As far as not getting a reaction if you've already given a vaccine before, it really does depend on the dog. I know some dogs who are fine with a 3rd shot of the same vaccine. I know others that get itchy. Some may get itchy if they're previously had the allergy meds. Others don't notice the first shot and don't notice the second shot. It's not typical to find out if your dog is reacting to one of the allergy meds or the vaccine in an allergy shot at the same time.

My dog has never had an allergy shot so we're going to try this. I have found several different brands of allergy meds and it's soooo annoying to find out which brand they want me to give. Thanks for all your info. I am going to be calling my vet tomorrow.

This is a great idea for a post. I think that some dogs have bad reactions to allergy meds. I had my dog on allergy meds before and he had an extreme reaction when I tried giving him a vaccine. I think that it could be because he is always in season.

The reason I was so glad I found this site was so I could find out the correct brand to give my dogs. I had been feeding my dogs generic brands and would run into problems everytime. You are very informative! Thank you for taking the time to do so. I've had no problems giving my dogs their allergy meds, but I was also very nervous about giving them a vaccine because of their bad reactions. I'm glad to know that they have a mild reaction. I will have to mention this in the vet's office when we get in to see her on Friday.

I'm sorry, but why would you give an allergy medication on top of a vaccine? Doesn't that increase the chance of more side effects? I'm not a vet, but what makes you think that it's ok to give them both at the same time? I gave my daughter a vaccine once and a week later gave her an allergy med because I read that having the med right after the vaccine can really increase the risk of reaction, and I'm sorry to say that she had a really bad reaction to it. I don't know what I'd do if something similar happened to my dog.

My dog has been on allergy meds (for his allergies) for a year and a half now. However, this is my first year giving him a vaccine. I haven't had a reaction yet, but I have been nervous about it. I know that when I give him his medicine, I'll also have to tell the vet that he has had an allergy med for a while and that he's been on his medicine for a while. I know I can't just switch my vet out for another one, so I'm hoping that they have a better understanding of the risks involved with it now. And to answer your question, I gave my daughter both medications at the same time. I gave her her meds first, then she took her shots and when it was time for the meds to wear off, I gave her a booster shot for the vaccine.

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