How many litter boxes do cats need?

How many litter boxes do cats need?

For the well-being of your cats, it is important that they have enough litter boxes at their disposal. But how many cat litter boxes do the room tigers need? Here you can find out how you can make small and large business as pleasant as possible for your velvet paws. Especially for kittens, it makes sense to distribute several litter boxes in the apartment - Shutterstock / Africa Studio

Most cat lovers understand that a litter box is not enough for all animals in the multi-cat household. After all, we humans are extremely reluctant to do our dirty work in dirty toilets used by strangers. But how many litter boxes are really necessary?

Rule of thumb: One more toilet than cats in the household

As a guide, you can remember the following rule of thumb: Always use one toilet more than cats live in your apartment. That means, if you have two fur noses at home, you need three litter boxes, with three velvet-pawed roommates you need four toilets and so on. In the case of a single cat, it is also recommended to set up two toilets. However, if your cat is outdoors and can make it easier for you in the garden (and possibly also with your neighbors), a box in the apartment is often sufficient.

There are several reasons for this calculation: Very few cats like to share a toilet with their peers. In addition, most house tigers prefer to have separate litter boxes for small and large businesses, as this corresponds to their natural, instinctive behavior. In general, the fur noses simply like to have free choice where to relieve themselves. If you live in a fairly large apartment or a multi-storey house, it is also more pleasant for your pets if they do not have to walk too far as soon as they have an urgent need. Therefore, they are happy when they find a litter box on every floor or at least nearby. This is especially true for kittens who have yet to get used to being housebroken.

In addition, it is beneficial to the harmony in the multi-cat household if every animal resident has the easiest possible access to a cat toilet of his choice. This can be better guaranteed if there are more litter boxes than cats. If you are afraid that there will be an increased smell of cat urine in your apartment if you set up so many toilets, this worry is unfounded - provided you clear the crates of the coarsest dirt twice a day and rinse them with hot water once a week and that Renew litter completely. In this way, your velvet-pawed friends have less reason to relieve themselves outside of the litter box.

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Find places for the litter boxes

But where to with the many litter boxes? Ideally, you should distribute them evenly throughout the home instead of placing them all side by side. Because for the cats it makes little difference whether they have to share a big box with others or have several small boxes right next to each other. The strange smell finally blows over. It is important that the toilets are easily accessible at all times. This also means that every cat can go to a quiet place without having to cross the path of its peers. This could result in her not daring to use the toilet.

In addition, the animals like to have their rest when they are relieved and therefore do not like places that are very noisy or where there is heavy through traffic. A toilet next to the dryer, the washing machine or in the hallway is therefore not well positioned. Also make sure that the space for the food bowl and the water bowl is not too close to the toilets. This also affects the well-being of the sensitive fur noses.