Monkey & Cupcake: Two cats love each other very much

Monkey & Cupcake: Two cats love each other very much

Two cats really like each other there. If you want to put a smile on your face, just watch this video. Monkey and cupcake lie closely entwined on the bed and cuddle for the bet. How sweet!

The two sweet ones once came to their favorite people today as foster kittens. Now they bring a lot of joy to Mistress Sharon and Mister Doug. Who doesn't immediately melt away with the cuddle? Although the two are not siblings, they cuddle arm in arm to themselves. Cat Monkey lovingly cleans his cupcake, sometimes behind the ear, then on the neck and later on the neck - must be thorough!

Cupcake obviously enjoys the cuddles of her cuddle partner and even holds out her pout. Simply adorable how the two lovebirds nestle their faces together. It's just the best way to live together.

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