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Hope for killer whales? SeaWorld changes orca shows

Hope for killer whales? SeaWorld changes orca shows

There may be good news for killer whales that are kept in captivity at SeaWorld and other amusement parks. SeaWorld CEO Joel Manby announced on November 9, 2015 that the orca shows in their current form would last be presented in 2016. Killer whales in captivity have long been horrifying animal rights activists - Shutterstock / nodff

So is there any hope for orcas and animal rights activists? Accordingly, SeaWorld does not want to completely do without its orca shows, and the question of the species-appropriate keeping of orcas also appears to be unresolved by the new plans.

Documentary drew attention to Orca suffering

Animal rights activists have long criticized the orca attitude at SeaWorld and other amusement parks. However, the documentary "Blackfish" from 2013 by director Gabriela Cowperthwaite drew the general public's attention to the suffering of orcas in captivity. As reported, for example, "The Dodo", SeaWorld has since struggled with falling audience numbers and income. However, the theme park itself emphasizes on its website that animals are loved and proud to stand up for them.

Watch the trailer for the documentary "Blackfish" here

SeaWorld responds to criticism

In response to falling audience numbers and ongoing criticism of the Orca stance, SeaWorld has decided to change the concept for the Orca shows. The website of the park says: "We listen to our guests. We continue to develop as a company and are constantly changing. This means that 2016 will be the last year in which we have our show experience with killer whales called 'One Ocean ' present." In 2017 there should be a new show concept, at least at SeaWorld San Diego.

Orcas: formidable animals of the sea

New orca shows are designed to protect killer whales

SeaWorld director Joel Manby announces that the new concept is a very innovative orca experience. The main aim is to focus on a more natural environment, a more natural environment and on the innate behavior of the sea creatures. At the same time, the goal is to inform the viewer about the conservation of killer whales and to give them tips on how to help orcas themselves.

What this means exactly for the orcas in captivity, however, can not be found in the opinion. Animal rights activists criticize, according to "The Dodo", that it is less about making the killer whale more species-appropriate and more about making the orca shows more palatable to the audience.