Amount of feed for dogs and cats - How much to feed?

Amount of feed for dogs and cats - How much to feed?

One of the questions that people get involved in caring for their pets is about the amount of feed that should be given to them. The questions also increase when the age of the dog or cat is at stake, since it is necessary to take into account the development of the animal in the period when it is a puppy.

It is essential to control the amount of dog and cat food, since the wrong consumption by your puppy can lead to risk of being overweight and contribute to a nutritional imbalance. When young, animals need more energy to perform the vital functions of their organism, however they are in the process of muscle and body formation. Thus, there is a greater need for the consumption of proteins, fats and vitamins than in relation to adults.

The big point, however, of this greater amount of food for puppies does not mean an unlimited consumption of feed for your dog or cat. Excessive eating can lead to gastrointestinal and developmental problems in the body.

Ideal amount of feed for dogs

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In relation to dogs, it is indicated for puppies to eat three to four times a day. As the animal grows, there must be a decrease in the amount of feed. From the moment a year of age is completed, the ideal is to eat twice a day.

When the dog reaches adulthood, it is advisable that the animal, if not overweight, can receive from 2.5% to 4% of its weight in food, divided into two daily portions of feed. However, the more agitated and more activities and caloric expenditure the dog has, the more food he needs, as a way of restoring energy. If your pet is spayed, sedentary and / or elderly they require less energy consumption, so offer 10% to 20% less food for dogs at this stage.

It is worth noting that there are specific rations for obese dogs and also for elderly dogs, and they contain exactly what each puppy needs.

Ideal amount of cat food

Regarding the amount of feed that cats need, it is also important to observe the ingredients used, if they have elements with types of meat, such as fish, chicken or turkey. On the other hand, it is not necessary for the cat diet to be rich in carbohydrates. Regarding the quantity, the indication is that the weight of the animal is also respected, not exceeding 100 grams of daily food, dividing the total quantity throughout the day.

Besides the amount of dog and cat food necessary, another important point to highlight is that, despite similar nutritional points, no feed should be given from one animal to another, thus respecting the needs of cats and dogs.

Be sure to consult with a veterinarian which feed is ideal for your pet and how much your daily portion should be. When buying the feed, also look for information about the quantity in the pack, they are usually present in all feeds.

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