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Boston Terrier

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At the end of the 19th century, the Americans created the first generation of the breed and the Boston Terrier was the result of several crosses in which the Bulldog and Bull Terrier, both from England, are appointed as the main relatives. THE Boston Terrier was proclaimed as an official Massachusetts mascot in 1979 by Governor Edward King, who had owned a dog of this breed in his youth.


The Boston Terrier is a cheerful, proud, playful, caring and very dignified dog. With his owners he is a very loyal dog. Indoors he is very calm and behaves like a good watchdog. This is a generally very peaceful breed, but it knows how to defend itself perfectly. Despite his ancestors, he is a very sociable dog with dogs of his own breed, even when they are of the same sex.


The Boston Terrier is a compact dog, has a well proportioned and short body. Its members are strong and muscular. The ears are usually small and shaped like a "V", drooping forward and close to the cheek. The tail is short, quite thick at the root, tapering towards the tip, horizontally carried and without curving over the back. The coat is short, smooth, shiny and has a fine texture.

Specific care

The Boston Terrier is a very easy dog ​​to keep. It is very clean and odorless, both for its hygiene instinct and for its short hair. It is recommended that you should be trained from an early age to avoid developing a “tough dog” personality or even an anti-social adult dog.


The Boston Terrier is very healthy and hardly ill, but, nevertheless, many dogs of the breed have heart problems, juvenile cataracts and congenital and hereditary deafness.

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