Dog Clothes - Necessity or exaggeration?

Dog Clothes - Necessity or exaggeration?

Sometimes dog clothes create a big doubt, it is not known if they are really necessary, if it is just a whim of the owners or if they really change something for the dog.

Some breeds are more adapted to the cold, having one or two layers of hair in addition to the fat layer, which is sufficient to warm the animal in low temperatures, however in dogs with short hair or even those with long hair, but that the cold are not adapted to dog clothes become necessary and not just a luxury for the dog and its owner.

One argument that could be used against this is that wild dogs did not wear clothes, but they had dens to hide in the cold and sleep next to each other to keep warm. Furthermore, the question remains that most of the existing breeds today were created by man and would not normally exist in nature, so the clothes become necessary in some cases.

In addition to heating the pets, clothes for dogs they can be great allies, like raincoats that keep them from getting wet, which can be extremely important for elderly dogs or spine problems, or those little shoes that people use in some countries where the winter is very harsh , which prevent puppies from burning their paws in the snow and prevent moisture, which is the biggest cause of dermatitis.

The important thing is that there is no exaggeration, puppies are not always comfortable wearing certain clothes with many props, or too heavy. The best thing is to use only what is necessary and that you should not insist when your pet does not want to wear the clothes and especially, that care should be taken when choosing the clothes, as some fabrics can cause allergies in your pet, such as wool and synthetic fabrics, for example.

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