FIV not so dangerous?

FIV not so dangerous?

FIV stands for an incurable viral disease of cats, congenital immunodeficiency, also known as feline AIDS. As recent studies show - they are not as contagious to healthy cats as previously thought.

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The results of many years of research by Dr. Annette L. Litster of the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences have just been published. The research was conducted in animal shelters. The conclusion is clear - there is no need to isolate cats that are carriers of the FIV virus from healthy cats. During normal daily activities, there is no chance that the virus will infect a FIV-negative cat. The second conclusion from the research - FIV virus does not pass from a female cat to her kittens.

It also turned out that carriers of the immunodeficiency virus live longer than previously thought - they have a real chance to live as long as cats completely healthy.

This does not mean that the risk of infection is completely non-existent, but strict conditions must be followed for it to occur. The virus infects through deep wounds that can occur as a result of intense cat fights.
You cannot transmit the virus by eating from a shared bowl, using one litter box, or by licking each other.

Perhaps these scientific reports will reduce the concerns of potential FIV-carrier cats who are willing to adopt.

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